"Hold Us Up Lord"
~author unknown~

We know you're busy,
For you've many things to do.
But when sorrow overcomes us,
Well, we need to talk to You.
For we've lost someone precious,
and they're with You up above,
and it's someone that we needed,
and it's someone that we love.

We are feeling lost and all alone,
and though we do believe,
we need you "Lord" to hold us up,
to help us while we grieve.
Please give us strength and courage, Lord
to hear what we must hear,
and nudge us when we are weak
to remind us You are there.

Give us hope for our tomorrow.
Tell us life will still go on.
Show us, Lord, that all this darkness
will be followed by the dawn.
You have led us through so many things,
You've pulled us through before.
Hold us up, Lord, till we're through this,
and we are strong once more.